Candy Group International is a private corporate financier with substantial capital resources and through associated Companies, has relationships with the top 100 World Banks and access to the majority of the top 25 World Banks. Currently all funding is undertaken in the currency of the United States of America (USD) & in the currency of European Union (EURO) outside of the USA, there is no currency risk for the borrower/project owner or operator, the risk being absorbed by Candy Group International. Candy Group International has lending and investment commitments in several regions around the world covering major resource, property and industrial and mining projects.

Candy Group International has the ability and access to resources to fund a wide range of worldwide Projects. It will be seen that the Directors of Candy Group International have the training, experience, resources, and ability to properly operate this group formed in November 2010, especially for the purpose of funding larger financial projects internationally.


Candy Group will continue to expand its financial business to take advantage of the many potential major industrial , mining and development projects currently being considered in Europe , North and South America and MENA. Candy Group International has unique advantages in having funds available at a very low cost , augmented by funds derived from its own profitable trading activities.

This allows it to be very competitive in funding a wide range of projects. It can consider joint ventures and fund within 15 to 30 banking days of receipt and verification of the relevant collateral security. Candy Group International works with strict compliance of the European and international Law , and due to utilizing US Dollars and Euro , also complies with all relevant USA and European acts , including the Patriot Act (US).